-Solutions for your current or new wardrobe-


Nobby Tailor offers a complete range of professional alteration services for your Commercial & Personal alterations & sewing needs.

Commercial Alterations :

    • Bridal Shops

    • Men’s & Women’s Specialty Clothing Stores

    • Department Stores

    • Uniform Shops

    • Hospitals / Hotels / Schools

    • Police & Fire Departments

Personal Alterations :

We provide almost any kind of alterations for men, women and children. We specialize in wedding gowns & tuxedos , bridesmaids, prom and evening dresses for all occasions.


  • Weddings – Helping you achieve your perfect look for your day is our top priority. We can assist anyone attending your wedding for any kind of alteration need.


  • Leather & Suede – If you have any leather or suede garment that you want adjusted, we can help you including holes, tears and restoring whole or partial lining.


  • Weight Loss – Our bodies change from season to season. For any reason, if you lost your weight and need help for your wardrobe, we are here to help you for re-size.


  • Original Hem for Jeans – If you want keep the original hem back on when you need shorten your new favorite jeans. We can re-attach the original frayed look hem back on. We called it “ Special Hem” . This is very good method for expensive jeans including Diesel, Apple Bottoms and True Religion, etc.


  • Moss Holes & Other Repair Jobs – Do you have expensive and delicate sweaters those are hanging at your closet or your drawer with moss holes or snagged? Don’t throw away! We can save your favorate sweaters, wool shirts or any kind of knitted items. You will thrilled for the results!


  • Home Fashion Making Or Alterations Pillows, Curtains, Cushion Covers, Dinner Table Cloths