Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What kinds of services do you provide?

We provide almost any kind of alterations and tailoring for men, women and children.  We specialize in wedding gowns & tuxedos, bridesmaid, prom and evening dresses for all occasions.


I always have to buy bigger sizes for my waist area and require alterations to fit me. Do you do that kind of work?

Of course, we do.  We actually see that kind of work almost on a daily basis.

For any kind of garment, it is much better to buy a little bit of a bigger size than a smaller size for proper alterations.


I need to wear a suit everyday for work, but I don’t like the strange wrinkles around my neck area for almost every suit I have.  Can you fix that kind of problem too?

Yes, we can.  We often see this with athletic people or bodybuilders.


I love to wear jeans.  Unfortunately, I always have to shorten the length when I buy a new pair. But for expensive jeans, I really want to keep the same original hem. Is this possible?

Yes,   we call that special hem.  We specialize in special hems, especially for your favorite pair of jeans.  In most cases, you cannot even tell that they have been hemmed!


Do you do small simple repair jobs too?

Yes, we always do our best for your needs. We are here to help you!

No job’s too big.

No job’s too small.


I have narrow shoulders compared to my body, so my jackets need to be fixed in the shoulder areas. Can you fix this?

Yes, cut shoulder jobs are not uncommon here because of our referral customers.


I have recently lost 40lbs and have found that many of my clothes are too big.  Would you be able to help me out?

We would love to help you.


I have a beautiful mink coat but it’s too big and long for me. Do you do that kind of services too?


We have 20 years of experience for leather, suede and fur garments for alterations and tailoring.


Special Services

Do you do monogramming services?

Yes, we do!

We have excellent services for monogramming & embroidery for any kind of job.


Do you do reweaving services?

Yes, we do!  We have excellent reweaving and reknitting services for your favorite garments.

We also can provide alternative methods for reweaving and reknitting needs for those who can’t afford or are seeking less money to pay.   Our customers love our alternative methods because it is way less money but still can save their favorite garments and most of the time they are surprised of the result compared to the price!


Do you provide dry cleaning service?

Yes.  However, we provide it only for our loyal alteration & tailoring customers for their convenience if they ask.


Do you make home fashion goods too?

Yes, we do.

We make or alter various home fashion goods.

For example, pillows, cushions, table linens, valences,   curtains………..




Do you alter wedding gowns?


Helping you achieve your perfect look for your day is our top priority.


Do you provide wedding gown preservation service after the wedding?

We offer an excellent cleaning and preservation service for your wedding gown!


You are not just preserving a gown.

You are preserving unforgettable memories for your beautiful wedding!


What should I bring to my fitting?

You should bring the shoes and undergarments (bra/corset)

That you will be wearing on your wedding day.


My mom also needs alterations…….

No problem at all.

Our expert seamstress will alter gowns for anyone attending your wedding!

With over 20 years of experience altering gowns for brides, mothers, bridesmaids, flower girls, and more.   You can feel confident in knowing your bridal party will look their best.


When should I schedule my fitting?

It’s generally recommended to schedule your fitting about 8 weeks before your wedding day.

Any earlier, and you run the risk of having to alter the dress more than once, and any later could put you in a time crunch.

However, sometimes there is the unpredictability of weddings – so if you wish to schedule earlier, or are already in a time crunch, we will still be accommodating.


What is the cost of wedding gown alterations?

The price of alterations varies depending on what needs to be done and the complexity of the job and everything is always detailed on your alterations slip.

Altering a plain gown is less intensive than altering a beaded gown.

Releasing a gown is always more expensive than taking a gown in…

In some cases, it’s not possible to let out if it’s too small.

So you’ll want to check and schedule accordingly.


When is my payment due for any of my alterations?

Alterations are paid in full with incoming orders (prepaid).

We accept credit cards (visa / MasterCard) or cash.


Discounts & Special Promotions

Do you have any kind of discount plans?

We have special 10% discount plans for Brooks Brothers customers and employees & St. John Hospital employees

Brooks Brothers:

  • Recent (30days) purchase receipts are required for Brook Brothers customers

  • Bring an Employee ID if you are a Brooks Brother’s employee

St. John Hospital:

  • Please bring your a valid employee ID